Erasmus for traineeship

PHONE DESK + 39 0577 235542

On Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays  the telephone line is open from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm (local time).

virtual desk

The  virtual desk takes the place of the desk in person.

The appointment can be booked until the day before. Late bookings might not be served.

If the appointment cannot be fulfilled, the cancellation is highly appreciated, in respect for the colleagues and the office.

Book your slot by clicking on the agenda link (check the upper right corner of the calendar which must show your university e-mail address),  choose the day and the slot, indicate the  mobility (Erasmus for studies in Europe, Erasmus for studies extra-Europe, Erasmus for traineeship).

An e-mail message in return gives the details and the gmeet link (please ignore the phone number).

Desk for handover/pick up


Documents can be sent to:

International Relations Division

University of Siena

Via S.Vigilio, 6

53100 Siena, Italy


As a result of an investigation, the following organisation are not considered eligible:

    BD Electronics



    Reformas Casa



    Internship Tourism

    Erasmus Projects

    Perfect Internship


    Europe Language Jobs


    Vision Factory

   Agius Service

erasmus for traineeship 2021/22

The Applicant has to find the receiving organization, agree upon the period and activities and provide them with the acceptance letter template. The receiving organization has to send the document printed on headed paper and duly filled, signed and stamped to the Applicant and



June 29, 2021
October 14th, 2021
January 13th, 2022
April 14th, 2022

International Affairs Coordinators

The International Affairs Coordinator must sign the acceptance letter before the application submission.

rankings of the mobility assignment
erasmus for traineeship 2020/2021

MOBILITY 2020/2021


The Erasmus mobility 2020/2021 can be carried out in 3 modes:

On-line from Italy
On-line and/or in person in the host country
Blended: in Italy and in the host country

The student carrying out mode 1 is not eligible of any grant, although it had the recipient status formerly. All the procedures Before, During and After the mobility will have to be complied (excluding the bank details uploading).

The student carrying out mode 2 receives the grant if recipient. At the beginning of the mobility, boarding pass or other travel tickets must be sent together with the Erasmus certificate.

The student carrying out mode 3 receives the grant (if recipient) for the period abroad which has to be 3 months long minimum.

ATTENTION. The deadline of the programme 2020/21 has been postponed to 30/9/2022. As a consequence, the mobilities can end after 30/9/2021 (term stated in the notice of selection).

The Overseas Countries and Territories eligible for a traineeship mobility

erasmus for traineeship 2019/20

NOTICE. Due the COVID-19 emergency, the Italian National Erasmus Agency decided to postpone the Erasmus+ program 2019/20 deadline to 30/9/2021. For this reason, 6-months mobility applications (with periods ending after 30/9/2020) are accepted and evaluated.


NOTICE. Additional application deadline on 18/6/2020. Mobility start: not eralier than September 2020.

ranking lists

Generally the ranking list is published at least 10 days after the Board meeting.


The amount of the funding will be based on the effective costs related to the mobility period and will be considered as an extra funding due to special needs. The mentioned  costs will have to be motivated and properly  illustrated by the participant in the application form.

Directions to request these funds will be announced following the assignment of the grant.