Before the mobility

Learning agreement for Traineeship

Relevant parts will be filled in by the student and sent to the supervisor of the host institution with a request to be returned by email.

- For all the mobilities before graduation, the learning agreement must be handed to the Students Office for the approval of the Board of Education before leaving. Students attending 3rd level courses must obtain the approval of the Course Board.

- For the mobilities after graduation, the learning agreement must be signed by the International Affairs Coordinator.

Grant agreement and disclaimer

MOBILITY 2021/22

As the grant agreement 21/22 is not available yet, the agreement 20/21 has to be filled and sent only by e-mail to together with the disclaimer.


MOBILITY 2020/21

The document must be typed and submitted in two original hardcopies with all the signatures requested IN the 15 days before departure (i.e. students leaving on September 15th will submit the document between September 1st and 14th) by all the students carrying out the Erasmus mobility regardless of the European grant allocation or not.

If the agreement cannot be dropped at the International Desk due to COVID lock-down,  it has to be sent by e-mail to and then  sent by registered mail to the office address:

Divisione Relazioni Internazionali

Mobilità Erasmus

Università di Siena

Via San Vigilio, 6

53100 Siena


The delivery of 1 original and 1 copy will cause a rejection of the forms as well as a the declaration of a  longer period than that assigned in the rankings (even exceeding 1 day).




Before leaving, students must upload their own bank account or credit card details (IBAN code) on the Segreteria on-line system (Home>Master data> Bank). Only IBAN of SEPA countries are accepted. Visit the SEPA link below for more details. IBAN owned only by third parties (parents, relatives, friends..) are not accepted.

Some prepaid cards may have a limit of crediting. Please check this contraint before uploading the data on the Segreteria on-line.

Students are obliged to keep the bank details updated.



Students with residence abroad must also upload their domicile in Italy:

Home > Master data, Edit Permament address

Do not flag Residence address the same as domicile address and fill the domicile address in Italy.



The Conference of the Italian University Rectors released a disclaim  to be signed by students leaving for an international mobility. The document has to be sent together with the grant agreement.



The language test is mandatory at the beginning and end of the mobility. The student will receive the keys after the delivery of the grant agreement. If the outcome of the first test is lower than C, the student will be given the possibility to carry out an on-line language course.

The 2019 additional option: "Following the latest general update on the OLS, a new feature has been put in place called "Multilingualism" and which allows mobility participants who have received a test licence from a Higher Education Project (HE) and reached a result equivalent or higher to B2, to select themselves the language(s) they want to learn. This option is displayed on their screen right before the completion of the test. The languages offered are related to the learning language (mainly English) and the local language of their country of destination. Unfortunately, when a participant has connected to the course it is no longer possible to add, delete or change the learning language."

If a student wants to change the language test, an e-mail has to be sent to It cannot be done after the language course allocation.

Residence availability

Mandatory for the student living in an University residence.

  • For those students leaving at the beginning of the academic year, the submission deadline is June 30th
  • For those students leaving in the second semestre, the submission deadline is November 30th

THOSE LIVING IN A PRIVATE ROOM may take advantage of:

  • Network Housing Anywhere
  • Portale uniplaces
Extra-UE citizens going to UK: Certificate of Sponsorship by the British Council

25/10/2019. Note from the British Council:

"Please note we are unable to issue a CoS more than 3 months in advance of the placement start date. E.g. if the placement starts on 01/04/2019 you would need to submit your application for a CoS from 01/01/2019. We are unable to accept applications submitted earlier than this."


Extra-EU student, who will carry out a traineeship in Great Britain, must obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship by the British Council necessary to obtain Visa.

The student must send the documents listed below (point 3 excluded) to which will forward them to the British Council. CoS is usually issued after 4 weeks.


  1. Tier 5 CoS Application Form which must be filled out electronically and returned with all the other documentation
  2. Copy of the students’ passport including all personal ID details e.g. biometric page, leave stamps. Passport which must be valid for 6 months from the date of return from the UK
  3. Confirmation Letter from Sending University (on letter headed paper, dated, stamped and signed by the University Co-ordinator
  4. Acceptance Letter from Host Organisation (on letter headed paper, signed, dated and stamped by the host company)
  5. Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Traineeships (signed by the student, the sending institution and host organisation)
  6. Course profile/transcript of the student’s study
  7. Criminal record check for overseas students if applicable. Criminal records checks for overseas participants are only required for certain jobs or voluntary work, e.g. working with children or in healthcare. We would urge you to read home office guidance and consult with your receiving host organisation to confirm if one is required. Examples of job roles which would require evidence of a police check would be a teacher, unsupervised volunteer. Criminal record check certificates are usually required from your country of residence. However in some cases a criminal record check certificate may be required from your country of origin. Applications are assessed on a case by case basis. Further information on what type of criminal records check is appropriate can be obtained here: The certificate must be translated into English. Please check Home Office guidance ( for further details on certifying a translation.


WARNING. The Winning Box has not got the British Council's sponsorship. This means that extra-EU citizens cannot carry out an Erasmus for traineeship mobility in that organisation.


Form to withdraw the Erasmus for Traineeship mobility