Prospective and enrolled international students

Dedicated to international students, the International Place is the virtual interface of the International Desk (Sportello integrato internazionale), which is physically located in the public relations office (URP, Banchi di Sotto 55, Siena). 

It gathers under one roof the various activities and services offered to international students: those enrolled on or intending to enrol on a one or more modules or a degree course at the University of Siena; visiting professors, researchers, PhD students.

The International Place helps and accompanies international users on the path from initial access to the local and university environment to their full integration.


The pre-enrolment for non-EU international students for 1st and 2nd cycle degree programmes 2018/19 of the University of Siena and the he deadlines for this year have been published.

JANUARY 2018 - OPEN applications for 1st and 2nd cycle degree programmes 2018/19 of the University of Siena

Applications for the majority of first (undergraduate) and second (master's) cycle degree programmes taught in Italian or English at the University of Siena for the academic year 2018/19 for non-EU citizens resident abroad are now OPEN.

From 22th January, applications will be open also for the remaining courses: "Economics and banking" (I level); "Economics and management" (I level); "Finance" (II level) and "Medical Biotechnologies" (II level).


Relevant deadlines

For the majority of courses the deadline is 30th April 2018. The first level courses in "Economics and banking" and "Economics and management" will close on 31th May 2018.


Evalution process

The evalution process is totally free for international students. Only for the second level course in "Chemistry" students must pay a fee of 30 € for processing costs. Payment is to be made only by bank transfer and the receipt of the bank transfer must be attached to the pre-enrollment documentation. Without evidence of payment receipt, the application will not be evaluated.


For applying you must use this online platform



For a detailed description of the courses, please visit the following web pages:

undergraduate cycle degrees
second (master's) cycle degrees 

Keystone Masterstudies
undergraduates cycle degrees
second (master's) cycle degrees 


There are several reasons to study at the University of Siena, in the following document you will find 10 of them.


For further information please e-mail to internationalplace@unisi


MAY 2017 - New guidelines regarding the tuition fees of the University of Siena. That's how the tuition fees for the foreign students are changing

On 19 May 2017 new guidelines were issued regarding payment of tuition fees and for enrolment  in Siena University courses for the 2017/2018 academic year.  For all international students who are not EU citizens or who cannot provide Italian ISEE (the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) the fee amount will be determined according to their home country, the course chosen and University merit. These fees apply to students who are not grantees.

Fees simulator

Presentation of "International Place"

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