University canteens

The University Canteens are run by the DSU-Toscana - Azienda regionale per il diritto allo studio universitario, which offers students low cost, full meals, with a varied menu. In order to have access to university canteens students need a smart card ussued upon enrolment.
For exchange students the card is issued by the International Relations Office upon registration at the University.

The catering service charges are set by the DSU board of directors according to the Regional Policy Plan guidelines every year.

The curreng charges for degree-seeking students range from 2,80 to 4,50 Euro, depending on the menu chosen and on the family income.

The current charges for exchange students are as follows:
(Erasmus, bilateral agreements, SEMP, Coimbra etc)
Full meal € 4.50
Meal 1 € 3,50
Meal B € 4,00

Full meal: first course, second course, vegetables, fruit, bread, beverage
Meal 1: first course, vegetables, fruit, bread, beverage
Meal 2: second course, vegetables, fruit, bread, beverage.