Financial support for students

Scholarships and Grants - University of Siena

Available to students and Graduates are scholarships and study grants, as well as initiatives and opportunities of various kinds:
Expiring Scholarships
Expiring Grants
Solidarity Fund
Association or Student Group Funds
Merit Facilitations for specific types of Degrees

Scholarships and Competitions - DSU-Toscana

The Azienda della Regione Toscana per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario (Agency of the Tuscan Region for the Right to University Study) makes a series of economic facilitations available to the Unisi students.

The principle one is the scholarship: awarded on the basis of income and merit and it includes:
the total exoneration from tuition and fees
free access to the University’s canteens
lodging in one of the University’s residences (only for those out-of-town students who make this request)
an economic contribution (diversified according to income and place of residence)

Other forms of economic support are:
extraordinary contributions, reserved to students who are in unexpected and sudden conditions of economic difficulty
free canteen service for students with disabilities of 66% or greater
merit grants destined to those students enrolled in the Nursing Degree course
trust loans reserved for students having the specific requisites necessary