Before the mobility

Learning agreement for Studies


  • At least two months before the mobility the student must fill the learning agreement and submit it to the Student's Office for the Academic Committee's approval
  • Before leaving the student must collect the document and give it to the host university once arrived
financial agreement

The document must be typed and submitted in two original hardcopies with all the signatures requested in the 15 days before departure (i.e. students leaving on September 15th will submit the document between September 1st and 14th).

The agreement can be handed at the International Desk or sent by registered mail to the office address:

Università di Siena

Divisione Relazioni Internazionali

Ufficio progettazione e gestione mobilità internazionale

Via San Vigilio, 6

53100 Siena

The delivery of 1 original and 1 copy will cause a rejection of the forms as well as a the declaration of a  longer period than that assigned in the rankings (even exceeding 1 day).


UPDATING of the grant per month according to the host countries:

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, United Kingdom, Lichtenstein, Norway and Colonies of European countries: Euro 300,00

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia, Netherlands, Portugal,  Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain: Euro 250,00




Before leaving, students must upload their own bank account or credit card details (IBAN code) on the Segreteria on-line system (Home>Master data> Bank). Only IBAN of SEPA countries are accepted. Visit the SEPA link below for more details. IBAN owned only by third parties (parents, relatives, friends..) are not accepted.

Some prepaid cards may have a limit of crediting. Please check this contraint before uploading the data on the Segreteria on-line.

Students are obliged to keep the bank details updated.



Students with residence abroad must also upload their domicile in Italy:

Home > Master data, Edit Permament address

Do not flag Residence address the same as domicile address and fill the domicile address in Italy.


Residence vacancy

This form must be submitted if the student lives in a university residence.

THOSE LIVING IN A PRIVATE ROOM may take advantage of:

  • Network Housing Anywhere
  • Portale uniplaces