University Residences

Sixty places at the University Halls of Residences, that are owned by the Azienda DSU Toscana (Regional Authority  for the Right to Higher Education) are reserved for International Exchange students.
Almost all of the rooms are twin rooms with 2 beds. The current price per person is 297,00 euros per month.

The International Office will allocate the rooms on a first come, first served basis and will contact students providing an accommodation proposal and giving instructions on how to confirm the reservation.

Priority is given to students coming from Unisi partner Universities.

Exchange students wishing to apply for accommodation at the University Hall of Residence must fill out the accommodation form that will be available in the following periods


- Students arriving in the first semester: between June 1 and June 30

- Students arriving in the second semester: between October 15 and November 30

Network Housing Anywhere
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As a student from University of Siena you can find student accomodation on:



Through this student housing platform you can rent a room from students who are in an exchange programme abroad. Besides, it allows you to offer your room to foreign students in your home city. On Housing Anywhere you can safely book your room using the Secure Booking Service before arriving in Siena.

Private accommodation

The University’s Pubblic Relations Office provides students with an updated list of private accommodation available in apartments, rooms and beds in shared rooms.

Students looking for accommodation can consult the accommodation bulletin board.
The Public Relations Office also distributes “La giusta casa”, a guide for students on rental contracts for housing.
Notices seeking and offering rooms can be found throughout the city and in particular: on notice boards in the university faculties, libraries, residences and canteens, at bus stops and in some supermarkets.

Cost of living

The average cost of living for a student in Siena amounts to approximately € 500.00 per month, the main expense being accommodation.

University accommodation
• Double room: € 297.00

Private accommodation
• Single room in centre: € 400.00
• Single room on the outskirts: € 350.00
• Double room in centre (per person): € 300.00
• Single room on the outskirts: € 250.00
• Studio/bedsit: € 700.00/750.00

Costs of living in Siena
• Full meal at the canteen € 4.50
• Meal in a pizzeria € 20.00
• Breakfast in a bar € 2.00
• Bus ticket (valid for 1 hour) € 1.20
• Student season (three-month) ticket/bus pass € 56.00
• Specialist medical visit € 36.00
• Cinema € 8.00
• Newspaper € 1.20