The University of Siena and the European University Association

The European University Association (EUA) represents the Universities and National Rectors' Conferences, as well as associations and networks of higher education institutions, of 46 countries. It was established in 2001, and the University of Siena has been a member since the early years.

The EUA supports higher education institutions in the key role they play in the development of the European Higher Education and Research Areas.
The EUA:

  • offers shared knowledge on higher education and research in Europe;
  • provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences and the transfer of best practices among European Universities;
  • plays a crucial role in impacting EU policies concerning higher education, research and innovation;
  • has the task of guaranteeing its members’ full involvement in all phases of the Bologna Process and ultimately ensure that the objectives set are achieved;
  • organizes various events, such as conferences, meetings, seminars, workshops, and publishes a regular newsletter.

Through the EUA Trends project the EUA gathers information about the development of European Higher Education and Research Areas. This information is collected through surveys carried out in 45 Bologna Declaration universities and forms the basis of reports.

Born to help define and change academic strategies, the EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Programme helps reinforce the autonomy of higher education institutions and foster a culture of quality.

The Council for Doctoral Education was established by the EUA in 2008 to contribute to the development, advancement and improvement of doctoral education and research training in Europe. The University of Siena was one of the first universities to join the CDE.