The Institutional Evaluation Programme

The main aims of the Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) are to involve universities in:

  • reinforcing autonomy;
  • sustaining change;
  • developing a strategic plan;
  • fostering a culture of quality.

This is done by evaluating the pertinence and efficiency of the university’s decision-making processes, strategic plans, facilities, activities and quality assurance processes and assessing their results in decision-making and planning.

The main phases of the evaluation process are:

  • internal self-evaluation and the self-evaluation report;
  • a preliminary site visit;
  • provision of additional documents to complete the data and information required for the evaluation;
  • a main site visit;
  • the final evaluation report.

Universities that participate in the IEP can request a follow-up evaluation within 2-3 years of the initial one.