Arrangements for Academic Guidance

All the students are involved in a process of dynamic and continual orientation and tutoring that starts from the penultimate year of high school and continues for the entire period of enrolment in the University courses, whether they be three-year, Bachelor’s Degree or Graduate Degree students.

The initiatives of orientation, based on information and education, are directed to the schools or to the individual students.
The tutoring activities are finalised at providing students with support, including enrolled students and foreign students in mobility.

In particular they support the students in:

  • finding answers to their doubts
  • learning from others who have already overcome many obstacles
  • transforming their own uncertainties into occasions for obtaining knowledge
  • orienting their choice in the labyrinth of possibilities
  • recognising in the experience of others their own opportunity for exchanging viewpoints
  • choosing a faculty
  • defining a study plan
  • developing their thesis


These activities take advantage of the support offered by the faculty student tutors who can be contacted by means of email, telephone and chat in the days and hours indicated.

Underway are experimental projects that refer to transversal areas of competence and not to specific study courses or faculties. They are designed to sustain the student in the various moments of his or her University career, with greater attention to the “critical zones” by making use of expert tutors, enrolled in Master’s degree courses or PhD programmes.

A welcoming and orientation service is in place for the foreign students in mobility upon their arrival in Siena and during their period of permanence.
All the activities of orientation and tutoring are coordinated, monitored and evaluated by the University Commission for Orientation and Tutoring.