Study abroad

The opportunities in an international sphere for students of the University and for students in mobility

Students – outgoing mobility
  • LLP/Erasmus: allows one to carry out a period of study (ranging from three to twelve months) in a European University of one’s choice, in the sphere of the faculty that is akin to one’s own course of study. The allowed activities are: participation in the courses, taking exams, thesis preparation
  • LLP/Erasmus Placement: allows one to spend a period of internship at a business enterprise, a research centre (excluding European Institutions or organisations that manage European programmes), a health care institute, a public, private or third sector organisation in one of the countries that is participating in the Programme
  • Erasmus Mundus: following approval of specific projects, it allows the financing of the mobility of the students towards countries outside the European Community
  • Coimbra SEN: allows the mobility of the incoming and outgoing students between the Universities which have joined the Coimbra SEN (Student Exchange Network) Programme
  • Agreements (bilateral agreements): the numerous agreements stipulated with Universities outside the European Community set out the exchange of students and therefore allow the possibility of spending periods of study and/or research. The common characteristic to them all is the exoneration of university fees which, as is well-known, in some countries can be particularly high
  • Summer scholarships: thanks to bilateral agreements stipulated by the University, every year scholarships for summer study are available, finalised at English language learning
  • Mobility finalised at the obtainment of a diploma: opportunities available based on specific agreements; among these, for instance, one reserved for Law students for the obtainment of the Diploma in Legal Studies at the University of Oxford (UK)
  • Double diplomas: opportunities for mobility in the sphere of the Master’s degree programmes finalised at the obtainment of a double diploma or joint diplomas
  • Co-tutoring: by means of the stipulation of ad personam agreements that set out the double direction of the Thesis, the graduate students have the opportunity of spending a minimum of six months at a foreign university, at the term of such studies, the Double diploma will be obtained
Students – incoming mobility

International students have the opportunity to carry out an entire cycle of studies at the Università degli Studi di Siena, or they can be accepted into the sphere of exchange programmes. Every year the Università degli Studi di Siena welcomes over 500 international students in mobility in the sphere of international programmes.

The categories of international students that the University accepts are:

  • Registered students who begin and finish an entire cycle of studies at Università degli Studi di Siena (three year degree or bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD)
  • Students registered in single courses who are undertaking one or two semesters of study at a faculty
  • Students in mobility in the sphere of the bilateral agreements stipulated by the University and in the European programmes (LLP/Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus projects, mobility projects of the Coimbra Group, and so forth)
  • Students in mobility directly accepted by the scientific facilities to carry out a brief period of study, research or internship (temporary students)
  • LLP/Erasmus Placement (the University offers assistance and orientation to foreign students who, in the sphere of the Erasmus Placement Programme, carry out an internship in the University’s facilities).