Insurance for students

All students of the University, including those in international mobility, are covered by accident insurance at INAIL, according to the Consolidated Text regarding insurance for work related accidents (D.P.R. 30/06/1965 n. 1124) and for third party liability with the Fondiaria-Sai company, for damage caused involuntarily to persons and property during the activities carried out for reasons regarding the programme of study, even if carried out at facilities outside the University.

The third party liability policy is also extended to:

  • scholarship students/interns sent to the USA and Canada
  • doctors who are undertaking specialisation courses in the territory of the member States of the European Community, Vatican City, the Republic of San Marino, in Austria, in Switzerland and in all the remaining parts of the world including the USA and Canada
  • winners of scholarships for study, training, further perfecting, research and so forth that is offered by the University of Siena

Specific services have been enacted for the students who, during the course of their studies, carry out activities in places where they might be exposed to risks to their health or safety (excavation sites, laboratories, etc.).

The Regulations for the improvement of the health and safety of the workplace of the Università degli Studi di Siena puts students on the same level as workers. At the CUPreL, the University facility that manages the health surveillance service, there is a service available to make appointments for medical visits for students who are working in situations where there is risk.

The activity relative to the management of insurance coverage of the University is conducted by the Insurance and accidents Office.