Department of Medicine, surgery and neuroscience

Head of Department
Prof. Ranuccio Nuti
Student and course administration office
strada delle Scotte, 4 – Siena (Le Scotte University Hospital lecture centre)
Viale Mario Bracci, 16 – Siena (Santa Maria alle Scotte Hospital)
First cycle degree courses
- Physiotherapy (in Arezzo and Siena)
- Speech and language therapy
- Orthoptic and opthalmologic assistance
- Audioproteshetic techniques
- Imaging and radiotherapy techniques
- Nursing (in Arezzo, Grosseto and Siena)
- Dietistic
All of this department's degree courses
Other structures: 
Centro didattico Le Scotte – Siena (hospital lecture centre)
tel. 0577 233312
Fax. 0577 286202