Italian Language and Culture Course 2017 - beginners level

In order to help students settle in our country, the University of Siena organizes an optional Italian language and culture course for international students enrolled in the first year of bachelors and masters degree  courses. The course will include 60 hours of lessons (48 hours face-to-face plus 12 hours online, on the CLA platform). Three seminars on cultural topics will also be held during the course. The courses will start in March and finish in June 2017. International students who accepted the invitation to enroll in the first Italian language course for beginners by responding to the relative email two months ago should have already been invited to take part into the course, according to a ranking list that was created.

Rules for participants
- Students are required to have their UnisiPass credentials on the first day of lessons.

- Those students who are absent for the first two lessons without a justified reason will no longer be allowed to attend.

- 70% of attendance is expected, otherwise students will lose their place in the course.

For further information please write to:

Online resources for learning beginner-level Italian (A1), as self-study courses

Are you a new international degree student? Have you already been in Siena for a while but you don't know Italian language yet? The Linguistic Center of the University of Siena (located in San Francesco) offers some precious resources for learning beginner-level Italian (A1), as self-study courses.


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